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Definition of TUCK

  • Tuck - A horizontal sewed fold, such as is made in a garment, to shorten it; a plait.
  • Tuck - A long, narrow sword; a rapier.
  • Tuck - A pull; a lugging.
  • Tuck - A small net used for taking fish from a larger one; -- called also tuck-net.
  • Tuck - Food; pastry; sweetmeats.
  • Tuck - The beat of a drum.
  • Tuck - The part of a vessel where the ends of the bottom planks meet under the stern.
  • Tuck - To contract; to draw together.
  • Tuck - To draw up; to shorten; to fold under; to press into a narrower compass; as, to tuck the bedclothes in; to tuck up one's sleeves.
  • Tuck - To full, as cloth.
  • Tuck - To inclose; to put within; to press into a close place; as, to tuck a child into a bed; to tuck a book under one's arm, or into a pocket.
  • Tuck - To make a tuck or tucks in; as, to tuck a dress.

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