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Definition of TRAP

  • Trap - Of or pertaining to trap rock; as, a trap dike.
  • Trap - A bend, sag, or partitioned chamber, in a drain, soil pipe, sewer, etc., arranged so that the liquid contents form a seal which prevents passage of air or gas, but permits the flow of liquids.
  • Trap - A kind of movable stepladder.
  • Trap - A machine or contrivance that shuts suddenly, as with a spring, used for taking game or other animals; as, a trap for foxes.
  • Trap - A place in a water pipe, pump, etc., where air accumulates for want of an outlet.
  • Trap - A wagon, or other vehicle.
  • Trap - A wooden instrument shaped somewhat like a shoe, used in the game of trapball. It consists of a pivoted arm on one end of which is placed the ball to be thrown into the air by striking the other end. Also, a machine for throwing into the air glass balls, clay pigeons, etc., to be shot at.
  • Trap - An old term rather loosely used to designate various dark-colored, heavy igneous rocks, including especially the feldspathic-augitic rocks, basalt, dolerite, amygdaloid, etc., but including also some kinds of diorite. Called also trap rock.
  • Trap - Fig.: A snare; an ambush; a stratagem; any device by which one may be caught unawares.
  • Trap - The game of trapball.
  • Trap - To set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game; as, to trap for beaver.
  • Trap - Fig.: To insnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap.
  • Trap - To catch in a trap or traps; as, to trap foxes.
  • Trap - To dress with ornaments; to adorn; -- said especially of horses.
  • Trap - To provide with a trap; as, to trap a drain; to trap a sewer pipe. See 4th Trap, 5.

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