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Definition of STORE

  • Store - Accumulated; hoarded.
  • Store - A place of deposit for goods, esp. for large quantities; a storehouse; a warehouse; a magazine.
  • Store - Any place where goods are sold, whether by wholesale or retail; a shop.
  • Store - Articles, especially of food, accumulated for some specific object; supplies, as of provisions, arms, ammunition, and the like; as, the stores of an army, of a ship, of a family.
  • Store - That which is accumulated, or massed together; a source from which supplies may be drawn; hence, an abundance; a great quantity, or a great number.
  • Store - To collect as a reserved supply; to accumulate; to lay away.
  • Store - To deposit in a store, warehouse, or other building, for preservation; to warehouse; as, to store goods.
  • Store - To furnish; to supply; to replenish; esp., to stock or furnish against a future time.

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