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Definition of SEND

  • Send - The impulse of a wave by which a vessel is carried bodily.
  • Send - To dispatch an agent or messenger to convey a message, or to do an errand.
  • Send - To pitch; as, the ship sends forward so violently as to endanger her masts.
  • Send - To cause to be or to happen; to bestow; to inflict; to grant; -- sometimes followed by a dependent proposition.
  • Send - To cause to go in any manner; to dispatch; to commission or direct to go; as, to send a messenger.
  • Send - To emit; to impel; to cast; to throw; to hurl; as, to send a ball, an arrow, or the like.
  • Send - To give motion to; to cause to be borne or carried; to procure the going, transmission, or delivery of; as, to send a message.

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