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Definition of SCORE

  • Score - A distance of twenty yards; -- a term used in ancient archery and gunnery.
  • Score - A line drawn; a groove or furrow.
  • Score - A notch or incision; especially, one that is made as a tally mark; hence, a mark, or line, made for the purpose of account.
  • Score - A weight of twenty pounds.
  • Score - Account; reason; motive; sake; behalf.
  • Score - An account or reckoning; account of dues; bill; hence, indebtedness.
  • Score - The number of points gained by the contestants, or either of them, in any game, as in cards or cricket.
  • Score - The number twenty, as being marked off by a special score or tally; hence, in pl., a large number.
  • Score - The original and entire draught, or its transcript, of a composition, with the parts for all the different instruments or voices written on staves one above another, so that they can be read at a glance; -- so called from the bar, which, in its early use, was drawn through all the parts.
  • Score - To mark with parallel lines or scratches; as, the rocks of New England and the Western States were scored in the drift epoch.
  • Score - Especially, to mark with significant lines or notches, for indicating or keeping account of something; as, to score a tally.
  • Score - To engrave, as upon a shield.
  • Score - To make a score of, as points, runs, etc., in a game.
  • Score - To mark or signify by lines or notches; to keep record or account of; to set down; to record; to charge.
  • Score - To mark with lines, scratches, or notches; to cut notches or furrows in; to notch; to scratch; to furrow; as, to score timber for hewing; to score the back with a lash.
  • Score - To write down in proper order and arrangement; as, to score an overture for an orchestra. See Score, n., 9.

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