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  • rash is in TWL06 dictionary
  • rash is in SOWPODS dictionary
  • rash is in WWF dictionary

Definition of RASH

  • Rash - A fine eruption or efflorescence on the body, with little or no elevation.
  • Rash - An inferior kind of silk, or mixture of silk and worsted.
  • Rash - Esp., overhasty in counsel or action; precipitate; resolving or entering on a project or measure without due deliberation and caution; opposed to prudent; said of persons; as, a rash statesman or commander.
  • Rash - Requiring sudden action; pressing; urgent.
  • Rash - So dry as to fall out of the ear with handling, as corn.
  • Rash - Sudden in action; quick; hasty.
  • Rash - Uttered or undertaken with too much haste or too little reflection; as, rash words; rash measures.
  • Rash - To prepare with haste.
  • Rash - To pull off or pluck violently.
  • Rash - To slash; to hack; to cut; to slice.

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