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  • pose is in TWL06 dictionary
  • pose is in SOWPODS dictionary
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Definition of POSE

  • Pose - Standing still, with all the feet on the ground; -- said of the attitude of a lion, horse, or other beast.
  • Pose - A cold in the head; catarrh.
  • Pose - To assume and maintain a studied attitude, with studied arrangement of drapery; to strike an attitude; to attitudinize; figuratively, to assume or affect a certain character; as, she poses as a prude.
  • Pose - The attitude or position of a person; the position of the body or of any member of the body; especially, a position formally assumed for the sake of effect; an artificial position; as, the pose of an actor; the pose of an artist's model or of a statue.
  • Pose - To interrogate; to question.
  • Pose - To place in an attitude or fixed position, for the sake of effect; to arrange the posture and drapery of (a person) in a studied manner; as, to pose a model for a picture; to pose a sitter for a portrait.
  • Pose - To question with a view to puzzling; to embarrass by questioning or scrutiny; to bring to a stand.

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