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Definition of MOLE

  • Mole - A mass of fleshy or other more or less solid matter generated in the uterus.
  • Mole - A mound or massive work formed of masonry or large stones, etc., laid in the sea, often extended either in a right line or an arc of a circle before a port which it serves to defend from the violence of the waves, thus protecting ships in a harbor; also, sometimes, the harbor itself.
  • Mole - A plow of peculiar construction, for forming underground drains.
  • Mole - A spot, mark, or small permanent protuberance on the human body; esp., a spot which is dark-colored, from which commonly issue one or more hairs.
  • Mole - A spot; a stain; a mark which discolors or disfigures.
  • Mole - Any insectivore of the family Talpidae. They have minute eyes and ears, soft fur, and very large and strong fore feet.
  • Mole - To clear of molehills.
  • Mole - To form holes in, as a mole; to burrow; to excavate; as, to mole the earth.

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