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  • hum is in TWL06 dictionary
  • hum is in SOWPODS dictionary
  • hum is in WWF dictionary

Definition of HUM

  • Hum - A kind of strong drink formerly used.
  • Hum - Ahem; hem; an inarticulate sound uttered in a pause of speech implying doubt and deliberation.
  • Hum - An inarticulate nasal sound or murmur, like h'm, uttered by a speaker in pause from embarrassment, affectation, etc.
  • Hum - A buzz or murmur, as of approbation.
  • Hum - A low monotonous noise, as of bees in flight, of a swiftly revolving top, of a wheel, or the like; a drone; a buzz.
  • Hum - An imposition or hoax.
  • Hum - Any inarticulate and buzzing sound
  • Hum - The confused noise of a crowd or of machinery, etc., heard at a distance; as, the hum of industry.
  • Hum - To express satisfaction by a humming noise.
  • Hum - To have the sensation of a humming noise; as, my head hums, -- a pathological condition.
  • Hum - To make a low, prolonged sound, like that of a bee in flight; to drone; to murmur; to buzz; as, a top hums.
  • Hum - To make a nasal sound, like that of the letter m prolonged, without opening the mouth, or articulating; to mumble in monotonous undertone; to drone.
  • Hum - To make an inarticulate sound, like h'm, through the nose in the process of speaking, from embarrassment or a affectation; to hem.
  • Hum - To express satisfaction with by humming.
  • Hum - To flatter by approving; to cajole; to impose on; to humbug.
  • Hum - To sing with shut mouth; to murmur without articulation; to mumble; as, to hum a tune.

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