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Definition of HAIR

  • Hair - A haircloth.
  • Hair - A slender outgrowth from the chitinous cuticle of insects, spiders, crustaceans, and other invertebrates. Such hairs are totally unlike those of vertebrates in structure, composition, and mode of growth.
  • Hair - A spring device used in a hair-trigger firearm.
  • Hair - An outgrowth of the epidermis, consisting of one or of several cells, whether pointed, hooked, knobbed, or stellated. Internal hairs occur in the flower stalk of the yellow frog lily (Nuphar).
  • Hair - Any very small distance, or degree; a hairbreadth.
  • Hair - Hair (human or animal) used for various purposes; as, hair for stuffing cushions.
  • Hair - One the above-mentioned filaments, consisting, in invertebrate animals, of a long, tubular part which is free and flexible, and a bulbous root imbedded in the skin.
  • Hair - The collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of an animal, and forming a covering for a part of the head or for any part or the whole of the body.

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