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  • gird is in TWL06 dictionary
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Definition of GIRD

  • Gird - A cut; a sarcastic remark; a gibe; a sneer.
  • Gird - A stroke with a rod or switch; a severe spasm; a twinge; a pang.
  • Gird - To sneer at; to mock; to gibe.
  • Gird - To strike; to smite.
  • Gird - To gibe; to sneer; to break a scornful jest; to utter severe sarcasms.
  • Gird - To clothe; to swathe; to invest.
  • Gird - To encircle or bind with any flexible band.
  • Gird - To make fast, as clothing, by binding with a cord, girdle, bandage, etc.
  • Gird - To prepare; to make ready; to equip; as, to gird one's self for a contest.
  • Gird - To surround; to encircle, or encompass.

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