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Definition of GAME

  • Game - Having a resolute, unyielding spirit, like the gamecock; ready to fight to the last; plucky.
  • Game - Of or pertaining to such animals as are hunted for game, or to the act or practice of hunting.
  • Game - Crooked; lame; as, a game leg.
  • Game - To play at any sport or diversion.
  • Game - To play for a stake or prize; to use cards, dice, billiards, or other instruments, according to certain rules, with a view to win money or other thing waged upon the issue of the contest; to gamble.
  • Game - To rejoice; to be pleased; -- often used, in Old English, impersonally with dative.
  • Game - A contest, physical or mental, according to certain rules, for amusement, recreation, or for winning a stake; as, a game of chance; games of skill; field games, etc.
  • Game - A scheme or art employed in the pursuit of an object or purpose; method of procedure; projected line of operations; plan; project.
  • Game - Animals pursued and taken by sportsmen; wild meats designed for, or served at, table.
  • Game - In some games, a point credited on the score to the player whose cards counts up the highest.
  • Game - Sport of any kind; jest, frolic.
  • Game - That which is gained, as the stake in a game; also, the number of points necessary to be scored in order to win a game; as, in short whist five points are game.
  • Game - The use or practice of such a game; a single match at play; a single contest; as, a game at cards.

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