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Definition of FIELD

  • Field - A collective term for all the competitors in any outdoor contest or trial, or for all except the favorites in the betting.
  • Field - A piece of land of considerable size; esp., a piece inclosed for tillage or pasture.
  • Field - A place where a battle is fought; also, the battle itself.
  • Field - An open space; an extent; an expanse.
  • Field - An unresticted or favorable opportunity for action, operation, or achievement; province; room.
  • Field - Any blank space or ground on which figures are drawn or projected.
  • Field - Cleared land; land suitable for tillage or pasture; cultivated ground; the open country.
  • Field - That part of the grounds reserved for the players which is outside of the diamond; -- called also outfield.
  • Field - The space covered by an optical instrument at one view.
  • Field - The whole surface of an escutcheon; also, so much of it is shown unconcealed by the different bearings upon it. See Illust. of Fess, where the field is represented as gules (red), while the fess is argent (silver).
  • Field - To stand out in the field, ready to catch, stop, or throw the ball.
  • Field - To take the field.
  • Field - To catch, stop, throw, etc. (the ball), as a fielder.