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Definition of DRINK

  • Drink - Liquid to be swallowed; any fluid to be taken into the stomach for quenching thirst or for other purposes, as water, coffee, or decoctions.
  • Drink - Specifically, intoxicating liquor; as, when drink is on, wit is out.
  • Drink - To quaff exhilarating or intoxicating liquors, in merriment or feasting; to carouse; to revel; hence, to lake alcoholic liquors to excess; to be intemperate in the /se of intoxicating or spirituous liquors; to tipple.
  • Drink - To swallow anything liquid, for quenching thirst or other purpose; to imbibe; to receive or partake of, as if in satisfaction of thirst; as, to drink from a spring.
  • Drink - To smoke, as tobacco.
  • Drink - To swallow (a liquid); to receive, as a fluid, into the stomach; to imbibe; as, to drink milk or water.
  • Drink - To take in (a liquid), in any manner; to suck up; to absorb; to imbibe.
  • Drink - To take in; to receive within one, through the senses; to inhale; to hear; to see.

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