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Definition of COB

  • Cob - A cobnut; as, Kentish cobs. See Cobnut.
  • Cob - A fish; -- also called miller's thumb.
  • Cob - A leader or chief; a conspicuous person, esp. a rich covetous person.
  • Cob - A lump or piece of anything, usually of a somewhat large size, as of coal, or stone.
  • Cob - A punishment consisting of blows inflicted on the buttocks with a strap or a flat piece of wood.
  • Cob - A sea mew or gull; esp., the black-backed gull (Larus marinus).
  • Cob - A short-legged and stout horse, esp. one used for the saddle.
  • Cob - A Spanish coin formerly current in Ireland, worth abiut 4s. 6d.
  • Cob - A spider; perhaps from its shape; it being round like a head.
  • Cob - A young herring.
  • Cob - Clay mixed with straw.
  • Cob - The axis on which the kernels of maize or indian corn grow.
  • Cob - The top or head of anything.
  • Cob - To break into small pieces, as ore, so as to sort out its better portions.
  • Cob - To punish by striking on the buttocks with a strap, a flat piece of wood, or the like.
  • Cob - To strike