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  • cane is in TWL06 dictionary
  • cane is in SOWPODS dictionary
  • cane is in WWF dictionary

Definition of CANE

  • Cane - A lance or dart made of cane.
  • Cane - A local European measure of length. See Canna.
  • Cane - A name given to several peculiar palms, species of Calamus and Daemanorops, having very long, smooth flexible stems, commonly called rattans.
  • Cane - A walking stick; a staff; -- so called because originally made of one the species of cane.
  • Cane - Any plant with long, hard, elastic stems, as reeds and bamboos of many kinds; also, the sugar cane.
  • Cane - Stems of other plants are sometimes called canes; as, the canes of a raspberry.
  • Cane - To beat with a cane.
  • Cane - To make or furnish with cane or rattan; as, to cane chairs.

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