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Definition of BUCK

  • Buck - A frame on which firewood is sawed; a sawhorse; a sawbuck.
  • Buck - A gay, dashing young fellow; a fop; a dandy.
  • Buck - A male Indian or negro.
  • Buck - Lye or suds in which cloth is soaked in the operation of bleaching, or in which clothes are washed.
  • Buck - The beech tree.
  • Buck - The cloth or clothes soaked or washed.
  • Buck - The male of deer, especially fallow deer and antelopes, or of goats, sheep, hares, and rabbits.
  • Buck - To copulate, as bucks and does.
  • Buck - To spring with quick plunging leaps, descending with the fore legs rigid and the head held as low down as possible; -- said of a vicious horse or mule.
  • Buck - To break up or pulverize, as ores.
  • Buck - To soak, steep, or boil, in lye or suds; -- a process in bleaching.
  • Buck - To subject to a mode of punishment which consists in tying the wrists together, passing the arms over the bent knees, and putting a stick across the arms and in the angle formed by the knees.
  • Buck - To throw by bucking. See Buck, v. i., 2.
  • Buck - To wash (clothes) in lye or suds, or, in later usage, by beating them on stones in running water.

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