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Definition of BEST

  • Best - Having good qualities in the highest degree; most good, kind, desirable, suitable, etc.; most excellent; as, the best man; the best road; the best cloth; the best abilities.
  • Best - Most advanced; most correct or complete; as, the best scholar; the best view of a subject.
  • Best - Most; largest; as, the best part of a week.
  • Best - Utmost; highest endeavor or state; most nearly perfect thing, or being, or action; as, to do one's best; to the best of our ability.
  • Best - In the highest degree; beyond all others.
  • Best - Most intimately; most thoroughly or correctly; as, what is expedient is best known to himself.
  • Best - To the most advantage; with the most success, case, profit, benefit, or propriety.
  • Best - To get the better of.

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