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Definition of BEAD

  • Bead - A bubble in spirits.
  • Bead - A drop of sweat or other liquid.
  • Bead - A glassy drop of molten flux, as borax or microcosmic salt, used as a solvent and color test for several mineral earths and oxides, as of iron, manganese, etc., before the blowpipe; as, the borax bead; the iron bead, etc.
  • Bead - A little perforated ball, to be strung on a thread, and worn for ornament; or used in a rosary for counting prayers, as by Roman Catholics and Mohammedans, whence the phrases to tell beads, to at one's beads, to bid beads, etc., meaning, to be at prayer.
  • Bead - A prayer.
  • Bead - A small knob of metal on a firearm, used for taking aim (whence the expression to draw a bead, for, to take aim).
  • Bead - A small molding of rounded surface, the section being usually an arc of a circle. It may be continuous, or broken into short embossments.
  • Bead - Any small globular body
  • Bead - To form beadlike bubbles.
  • Bead - To ornament with beads or beading.

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