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Definition of BAY

  • Bay - Reddish brown; of the color of a chestnut; -- applied to the color of horses.
  • Bay - A bank or dam to keep back water.
  • Bay - A berry, particularly of the laurel.
  • Bay - A compartment in a barn, for depositing hay, or grain in the stalks.
  • Bay - A kind of mahogany obtained from Campeachy Bay.
  • Bay - A principal compartment of the walls, roof, or other part of a building, or of the whole building, as marked off by the buttresses, vaulting, mullions of a window, etc.; one of the main divisions of any structure, as the part of a bridge between two piers.
  • Bay - A recess or indentation shaped like a bay.
  • Bay - A small body of water set off from the main body; as a compartment containing water for a wheel; the portion of a canal just outside of the gates of a lock, etc.
  • Bay - A tract covered with bay trees.
  • Bay - An inlet of the sea, usually smaller than a gulf, but of the same general character.
  • Bay - The laurel tree (Laurus nobilis). Hence, in the plural, an honorary garland or crown bestowed as a prize for victory or excellence, anciently made or consisting of branches of the laurel.
  • Bay - A state of being obliged to face an antagonist or a difficulty, when escape has become impossible.
  • Bay - Deep-toned, prolonged barking.
  • Bay - To bark, as a dog with a deep voice does, at his game.
  • Bay - To bark at; hence, to follow with barking; to bring or drive to bay; as, to bay the bear.
  • Bay - To bathe.
  • Bay - To dam, as water; -- with up or back.