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Definition of BASS

  • Bass - A bass, or deep, sound or tone.
  • Bass - Deep or grave in tone.
  • Bass - One who sings, or the instrument which plays, bass.
  • Bass - The lowest part in a musical composition.
  • Bass - A hassock or thick mat.
  • Bass - An edible, spiny-finned fish, esp. of the genera Roccus, Labrax, and related genera. There are many species.
  • Bass - Species of Serranus, the sea bass and rock bass. See Sea bass.
  • Bass - The linden or lime tree, sometimes wrongly called whitewood; also, its bark, which is used for making mats. See Bast.
  • Bass - The southern, red, or channel bass (Sciaena ocellata). See Redfish.
  • Bass - The two American fresh-water species of black bass (genus Micropterus). See Black bass.
  • Bass - of Bass
  • Bass - To sound in a deep tone.

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