4 Popular and Free Email Provider

4 Popular and Free Email Provider Services To Use For Your Business Communications

Although millions of people use social networking as a way to stay in touch and reach out to people, email is still the primary mode of business communication. For that reason, it’s important to look at the best available email services and determine which one is best to meet your business needs.

Most people, for whatever reason, are content with their current email service provider. Although their service provider experiences sporadic glitches and challenges, people lack the real comprehension that there are other powerful email service providers available for them to use. Thus, they stay at their usual email service provider.

Don’t let this be you. With so many free email service providers out there, why would you stick to a mediocre service? It’s time to do a little research and figure out if there is a better service than the one you have now or if your email service provider is right for you.

What Constitutes A Great Email Provider Service

So, what are the aspects that separate the good email provider services from the great email provider services? These aspects include:

  • Highly-effective spam filter
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Mobile access
  • Desktop client availability

4 Worthwhile Email Providers To Consider Using For Your Business Correspondences

1 – Gmail 

There is little doubt how awesome the Gmail service really is. It offers so many services to ensure it’s both user-friendly and simple.  It provides more than 10-gigabytes in free storage, can be used on mobile devices and has a great spam filter.

The service provides a built-in chat features that includes video and audio chat along with the texting chat.  You can also search for old or lost messages. Plus, Gmail will group messages with relevant replies together, making it easier for you to read them.

Another aspect to Gmail is that it provides a personalized email services for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Once you’ve proven a website is yours, Gmail will assist you in managing the personalized email and host it on the company’s server.

2 – Zoho Mail

This email service provider is geared toward professionals, and includes an array of services:

  • Task manager
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Instant chats

It’s also got an array of business apps seen in Google business apps.

Zoho doesn’t showcase ads or scan emails for keywords – all in the effort to protect your privacy from marketers.

Zoho makes it easy to set up and manage an account You can use their free Lite Plan with its 5-gigabyte mail storage, email support, mobile sync and push mail. It also allows you to register one domain name with a personalized email address.

3 – Outlook.com

This email service provider is actually a reinvented Hotmail.com email service. It offers a tidier user interface that includes no ads. It was created off the latest Internet communication trends. On top of that, you can connect to social networks from inside the email account and assimilate skydrive such as Office Web Apps for PowerPoint, Excel and Word files.

4 – Mail.com

This email service provider may have the more important email features businesses need, and lets you choose from more than 200 domain names. Some features include:

  • Unlimited email storage capacity
  • Ability to attach a file up to 50mb to a message
  • Mobile support – use on Android, iDevices and Blackberry
  • Online calendar

Set up the email to get and reply to all emails from just one address.

Now, when you choose the email provider service you want, do your research into what their capacity is to make complete use of it.

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